You Can Heal Yourself, I Did!



A story of hope for anyone suffering ‘incurable disease’, Gabrielle’s story reveals how she progressed from suffering, immobility and hopelessness to radiant health, activity and happiness. The book shows you…… How the determination to believe, search and ‘listen’ to yourself brings success. How your healing journey can heal your illness and much more. How a balanced, living food diet can vastly improve your health.


Four years after my healing, early in 2008, I decided to write my story to help out all the many, many people, men as well as women, suffering from the same condition as myself.


When the book was completed (a year’s work!!), I thought of calling it ‘How I healed myself of an Incurable Disease’. But then I thought, ‘No, I need to be stronger and more encouraging to the reader’, so I called it: You Can Heal Yourself, I Did!